Friday, January 22, 2010


We are a travelling family. If we had unlimited resources and a private jet we would be dragging our poor kids all over the globe.   However our budget is not in line with our wandering spirits so our travels are not terribly extravagant. We recently made a small trip to Gettysburg Pa. I am continually overwhelmed by how much history Pennsylvania has!! We made it to Gettysburg right before sunset and managed to snap some photos of the beautiful countryside and soak in its rich history.

Much love <3


***In keeping with our desire to pray for our friends and loved ones, and vice versa...our prayer requests are as follows:
1. That the girls would stop getting sick. I am hearing coughing, and seeing runny noses and hoping they do not get sick AGAIN. So pray for them.
2. Pray for God's will in getting plugged in somewhere in our church, that God would lead us where he wants us to serve.
3. Haiti! Pray for the orphans, I just read an article that broke my heart.

Post your requests if you feel led, so that we can all keep each other in prayer.



Anonymous said...

beautiful photographs! that picture of hazel is so pretty. i love your family!!

Anonymous said...

Will do...glad you're wanting to get involved. We haven't yet! I'm not sure where to serve either. xoxo ally