Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She loves cheeks

She didn't cry. Nope not at all. Her birth was very easy. Seamless, she came into the world so peacefully, without the expected crying and clamor. I remember the midwife saying, "look at that double chin", and yup there she was. She just looked at me, they placed her on my stomach and bam there was an instant bond. She was so chill. Joe and I looked at each other with silent concern, as if to mutually express, "isn't she supposed to cry!" like our firstborn, Hazel Rei. She loved to sleep, right off, and we were blessed. She is so amazing; so many emotions make up Jade Anise. She is emotional, God made her that way, sensitive, God made her that way, and we love her. She loves to rub cheeks, especially mine, she loves her momma, her dad, her "shooo shoo" aka sister and we are happy to say "Happy Birthday Sweet Jade" the lover of all things soft. Jade turned 2 on January 3rd...And we are so blessed to have her in our family!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alyssum... said...

Happy Birthday to little Jade!! It was my birthday today! It is wonderful that you recognize God made her sensitive. It took my mother a great many years to recognize the same emotions in me. Jade is blessed!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jade!! You are a beautiful blessing. I love you:)

Anonymous said...

I love Jade!!! I wish we were there for her second b-day! I can't believe she's already two :) xoxo ally