Friday, January 2, 2009

"That's MY Christmas!!!!"

As I put the lid on my 30 gallon green/red storage container, which contained all of our Christmas decorations, ornaments, etc...Hazel cried out, "NOOOO, that's MY Christmas". She had huge tears streaming down her face, she really did not want to say goodbye to the holidays. Joe took her aside and explained to her that Christmas comes only once a year, and that's why it is so very was was hard for her to understand why our house couldn't be decorated that way....all the time. I must say, I was sad too...our house looks so plain and empty without our tree and all.

Well, I wanted to post some pictures of what was the best Christmas for me. Why? I didn't have my family? Which was very, very hard for me! I wasn't in California! Then how could it be the best? Well folks, it was the very 1st time I had my beloved husband with me on Christmas. He didn't have to dash off to work once we opened the presents, he was with US, the whole day and it was wonderful. That coupled with wonderful family...and we had the most delightful day...complete with a gingerbread house (made by yours truly), delicious food, and even a snowman!!!!!! I know this may be the 1st and last of a "normal" Christmas for us but I am thankful to God for this blessing. It was the BEST Christmas present I could ever have received (even though my new sewing machine is pretty stinkin' cool too).....

Christmas Eve at Joe's Aunt Penny's party (Shhh don't tell the girls that "Santa" is really Grandpa Bill)

Christmas Day at Ney Ney's and Grandpa Bill's house

Christmas in Philly! Celebrated the Saturday after Christmas!

I would also like to say that we were so humbled this holiday season. God is always so good to us and takes care of our needs. Each day the UPS man showed up with packages, from GG & Auntie Roselyn, from Abuelita, The Escalantes, The Cooks, Auntie Susie, Auntie Ginger, Auntie Nads, Auntie Kebs, the cards from friends and loved ones, the txts, etc. We have such amazing people in our lives. I would like to say thank you!!!!! You are all so precious to us, thank you for showering us with your love!!!!!!



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Anonymous said...

hazel is so sweet and has such a kind heart! i'm glad you were blessed this christmas. i'm looking forward to talking to you on the phone and hearing more about it. thanks so much for sharing. we love you monica!
i can't wait to see the things you make with your sewing machine...that is so cool:)