Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Party in da House.....

Birthdays have always been HUGE in my family. Comparable to a national Holiday, no school, no work, eat whatever you want, we were always made to feel ultra special. April 29Th 2003, April 29th 2006, and January 3rd, 2008 were three of the most beautiful, exciting, wonderful, special days of my life. Those days mark 1) My marriage to the most wonderful person on earth, my best friend JOE, 2) the birth of my beautiful Hazel Rei, and 3) the birth of my little cuddle bug, Jade Anise.

Most recently, we celebrated Jade Anise Montgomery being born into the world, on January 3rd!! We wanted to make the day extra special for her so we thought we would incorporate a few of her most favorite things into the day. We wanted there to be food, dancing, family..and so I made a cheesy dance floor, my sister Ally helped by bringing my vision of a disco ball into fruition, we had mini food (easy for her to stuff in her mouth--it was very successful), and delicious cupcakes made with love by Auntie Ally. Auntie Ally, Uncle Aaron, Ney Ney and Grandpa Bill, Uncle Ross, Uncle Peter, Auntie Heather, and Josh...were all in attendance. We had so much fun...Jade loved every moment.

I just love Jade and I am so thankful to God for bringing her into our lives. She is beautiful and to see her lovely smile just makes every moment of my day worth it all. I love seeing Hazel grab her and hug and kiss her, and seeing what an amazing father my husband is. I am thankful, thankful beyond measure for Jade. She isn't quite walking yet, however she is a gold medal crawler...so I believe her philosophy is "why walk, when I crawl so dang fast!!", and she loves to shake her head from side to side and say, "NOOOO", she follows Hazel everywhere, she loves to kiss momma, and loves to say, "Dada Dada". She waves like a pageant queen (uhhh ohh), she loves to clap, and my heart just melts when I hear her say, "Yeaaaahhh" when she is excited. She wakes us with a smile! She will eat anything you put in front of her, and loves to drink milk from her sippy cup, and loudly exclaims, "MMM MMM MMM". Every moment of your life has been cherished Jade, you are a blessing, a joy, and so important to our family. You were created beautifully by God, and given to us as a gift! We just love you to pieces little Jade....Happy Birthday our sweet little girl!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jade! I miss not being able to hug you and kiss you. Thanks for sharing these great moments, Mija. The cup cakes are so pretty! Love, Abuelita.

Mary Montgomery said...

I wish I could have been there to shake my grove thing with Jade under the disco ball! The party looked like a lot of fun :)
I love and miss y'all alot. Happy Birthday Jade!

Corynne Escalante said...

"aww... look. they're all wearing those dresses..." that's what elliott told me when we looked at it.

so cute. its so classic how jade has on a cute little pink outfit with dirty gray knees. so perfect!

love you guys.

Anonymous said...

HOLLERR! She looks like her mommy! Really, she is so sweet, wish I could kiss her to pieces. Great job on those cupcakes, the icing looks so perfectly swirled into place.. me, when I do it it's a easy sloppy mess. Love you.

Anonymous said...

what a cute little party! i wish we were there to celebrate:)
.:HApPy BirTHdAy JaDe:.
she is beautiful.

Nina49a said...

What a great party...your so creative...i love the dance floor and the disco ball!