Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, King!

In the aforementioned blog, my lovely was speaking of an ethereal creation we had the pleasure of devouring a couple weeks ago. Ally and Aaron, my in-laws, were out visiting us. We decided as a last hurrah, we could all go out. We deciding which restaurant to take them to, but the weather decided that for us. It was extremely cold, as it has been, hence the winter. So we decided on Jones, a place we like and we had visited previously. It is a comfort food restaurant done upscale. Great place for us plus nice with the kids. Ally decided on the pot pie, Aaron the chicken and waffles, Moni on the turkey burger(classic), and I on the brisket sandwich. We started off with the calamari. All of this was delicious, but nothing prepared us for what was to come. As we were happily digesting our lovely meals, our waiter stopped by and asked if we cared for dessert. Normally, we don't do dessert and had planned on hittin up Capo Giro, our little gelato hotspot, but we decided to see what they had. Well, tonite they had a tribute to the King, the king of rock-n-roll.My sister, Heather, would know all about this. He was famous for his peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. The dessert was a fabulous triple layer banana cake(which tasted like banana bread but soft not dense), peanut butter frosting, vanilla ice cream on ginger shortbread, and one divine piece of chocolate covered bacon. In between each layer was freshly sliced bananas. It was one of the most amazing, yet simplistic dessert I have ever had. Yeah, so the four, actually five, counting Hazel, split it. Even Jade had a little bacon, she loves bacon. It was so good, that we had to order one more, hahaha! Unfortunately, for the rest of you, it only exists here in Philadelphia!



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Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm jealous!! you guys always eat the best foods and make my mouth water.
i'm really looking forward to your visit in march:) maybe, we can find a good restaurant to eat at!