Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My baby sis....

I used to really love airports! I love to travel so going to the airport meant I was about to embark upon an adventure, whether it be travelling to Europe with my bff after graduating from college, heading out to San Francisco, going to Italy with my new husband, visiting family in Kansas, it was always joyous, exciting, and generally a happy experience. Now my feelings about airports are bitter/sweet. I love picking up my friends and loved ones from there, but really hate dropping them off. I guess it's because I'm the one being left, and everyone I love is always saying goodbye.

The previous two weeks have been so wonderful for me. I had my beautiful baby sis, and her wonderful husband here with me. We were like a bff team, we went to Starbucks everyday, hung out in the city, hung out at home, went to Target like 5 times, and visited DC. Ally & Aaron, thank you so much for your visit, we were blessed to have you here.

I was so depressed when they left. As I dropped them off at the airport I couldn't hold back my emotions. I began sobbing, like a complete dork. I was just so dreadfully sad. As I gave my sister a kiss on the cheek and a huge hug, she slipped $5 into my pocket and gave me instructions to go to subway, and to sing the "$5 foot long song"! (I could not stop talking about how I love subway and that song, for two whole weeks) Baby sister, I love you so much, you are such an amazing woman with so many talents and a tenacious yet sweet spirit, you are a great wife, and mommy to your dogs. You are so talented at sewing, baking cupcakes, crafty stuff, and so many other things. I want to be just like you when I grow up! I just love you so much, you are truly one of my BEST friends in life. I am counting the days till I get to see you guys again!!

Our final trip to our favorite place on earth...Starbucks.

I love you, love you, love you two, the time we had with you was so great. I have had trouble bringing myself to write this blog about you guys because I would always start to cry, and give up. I miss you guys so much!! Love you!!!
The big cry baby,
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Nina49a said...

Awww....there's nothing in the world like a sister.