Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in Connecticut-Pt Deux

From the moment we arrived at Ney Ney's (aka Renee, aka Joe's Momma) house it immediately felt like Christmas. They had probably the most grandiose (or portly) Christmas tree ever, she had dozens of baked Christmas goodies everywhere, and was in the process of concocting more delicious goodness. We loved the time spent there. Hazel & Jade love to be around their uncles who are patient and kind to them. They love Ney Ney and Grandpa Bill who made us feel very welcomed and loved. We were warm & cozy with amazing views of the snow topped hills was very, very wonderful.

Being on the East Coast where it is definitely colder than California made Christmas feel very real this year. It snowed, I saw it fall (not something I had ever really experienced 1st hand) and we did very quintessentially Christmas activities that made me feel warm, cozy, and very much in the Holiday mood. One very important event on our agenda was visiting Santa's Village. We waited outside in 18 degree weather but boy was it worth it to see the look of amazement and happiness on the girl's faces (I know, I know they look a bit frightened in the pics, it took them a few minutes to warm up). They hung out with Santa, Mrs. Clause, visited the elf's work-room, saw reindeer, drank hot chocolate and had a phenomenal time. Even I was a little giddy and had a very childlike happiness in my was wonderful!

I would also like to say "Happy New Years!" to all of our sweet friends & beloved FAMILY!!! I have been feeling a bit sick the last couple of days and still have at least 2 blogs in relation to Christmas to keep checking back for more holiday blogs...yippie.

Much love to all!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Monica it made me so happy to hear that you and the girls had such a wonderful time. It was an answer to prayer. I so wanted for you to enjoy the holidays. When you are happy I am happy. Love, Abuelita.

Nina49a said...

WOW how fun! A real White Christmas! Nevaeh kept asking us when it was gonna snow at our house :( Your pics are great, it took me second to see Hazel in that last one!