Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Turkey Nachos

What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers? Well here at the Montgomery home, we have made tons of turkey hoagies...I being a purest with the toasted roll, white-meat, lettuce, and tomato...and Joe going for the roll, mashed potato, stuffing, dark-meat, and cranberry sauce. Having been the first year we actually made our own turkey, we had TONS of turkey leftovers. So we decided to make a huge, heaping helping of turkey nachos...and might I say they were fabulous.
Joe is near and dear to my heart for many being that he is the least pretentious person when it comes to food. The guy is around all kinds of wonderfully fine foods all day...and yet can come home and grub on turkey nachos with his fam...I love him. OH, and Jade was a huge fan of the nachos as well. She dropped her pan from her play kitchen when she saw me walk by with the nachos, and crawled just as fast as her little arms and legs could go...never leaving the table...eating nachos all night...she is petite but sure can eat!! Jade's newest thing is, "mmm mmm" while is so cute! Little miss Hazey was a Nacho fan as well yet she goes for the suck-everything-off-of-the-chip-technique then re-dip in only sour cream, which we strongly discourage.


Anonymous said...

O my goodness!!! What??? Those look so good, I'm so super jealous and you know I have been thinking of nachos lately!! Love Nadia

Auntie Ally said...

Oh my...those look good. I never would have thought of Turkey on anything but a sandwich. Aaron and I are both Turkey SNOBS only like it the day of Thanksgiving, not a bite after unless it's processed and packed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Every time I see these picture I get hungry. Those are some amazing nachos!
Love you friend!