Saturday, October 15, 2011


After our apple picking excursion, we visited a nearby park/nature preserve type place. We were admiring the cutest sailboat (pictured above) then this gentlemen showed up and took it out for a ride.  We snacked, chatted, and the kids walked along the dock and played with sticks in the water. It  was nice....
Our friends, the Goods, they are very cool! We like them...a lot!
This is Ellie, she is very cute!!! She is the Goods' youngest child! She kind of reminds me of Sal, from Blueberries for Sal. Very sweet!!! <3
Hazel and her friend Benjamin!
Have a beautiful weekend!!
Enjoy some sunshine and spend time with those you love!!
Mon (of the Montgomerys) :)


Joanne Cox said...

Oh how fun! Love reading about your excursions:)


I love your pictures Moni! Keep the posts coming, it makes me feel like I'm there. Oh yeah, as soon as the boys are a little older we've gotta Skype so so they get to know each other.