Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the perfect pumpkin.

Each year we set out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our perfect pumpkin. We have a local patch that we've been going to since we've lived in this area and we love it!! This year, we took a hay ride to the patch and managed to find our pumpkin! We picked out three little bitty ones too, one for each kid. We've been a bit deprived as far as family time goes, so soaking in the precious moments together was lovely. It was a bit too warm for my liking, at nearly 85 degrees (in OCTOBER....hmmffff), but it was HOT lovely nonetheless! 
The bumpy hay ride must have lulled little man to sleep!
A few shots of our precious "middle" kid.

Pumpkin thuggin'.
A family shot.

We hope you all find that perfect pumpkin as well!!
Happy Fall


Kebble said...

How awesome to be able to have family time together. I love the pictures you always make me feel like I am there with you guys. I am also looking for the perfect pumpkin but mine will come from Fresh and Easy I been checking them every other day. Love you guys very very much. Kisses to you and my babies Tita

Corynne Escalante said...

very nice! everyone looks very cute. i love jade's outfit and hazel's knit sweater shirt (swirt?). did someone make it? i love your outfit, too! lovin' the family photo.

The Montgomerys said...

Thanks Kebbs! Fresh and Easy pumpkins are great!! We love you so much! <3
Thanks Cryn!! My mom made that sweater (swirt), I just love it so much. It may need to be handed down to jade but Hazel just loves it! We love you <3

Joanne Cox said...

okay... LOVE that last picture:) So cute! You are adorable Monica and I love the outfit!