Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Number 3

Maxfield Rivers is now officially 8 months old. There is quite a lot of personality, passion, and determination packed into one teeny body. He loves playing with Daddy's PS3 (as he is in love with the cords and the plastic game containers) but is learning the meaning of "NO NO" rather quicky...I hope. He is very active, and eventhough he isn't walking yet, I find myself very tired at the end of the day. He is sleeping in his crib these days (Mommy is sad about this.....), till oh about 4:45-5:00 am, then snuggles in bed with mommy (a comprise) while he nurses. He is eating mashed up food now, instead of pureed baby food. We found that he wants in on all the food action so we let him eat what we eat, and he's happy with that. He is crawling, mostly of the army crawl type, but he is a master at the plank and has even crawled for real a few times but chickens out.  He tolerates loves his sisters most of the time, but hey they are a lot to swallow at he needs time to himself from time to time. I swear that he mimics me when I say "HAAAZEL" (which I say a thousand times a day so I'm not surprised) but most of the family thinks I'm crazy...and its official, he does say "DaDa". 
We love this guy....we do. He has brought so much excitement and love to our family...thank you God for our Maxfield!  He is so loving, and sweet and has the most amazing smile ever! His favorite thing is being kissed on the neck, which actually makes him melt, so I'm happy to give him thousands of neck kisses a day. He just loves his Dad, and the smile he gets when he sees him is priceless. Yes, he is very loved!! We are blessed! 



Kebble said...

Wow he is so handsome! I love him so much! Kiss, kiss, love love my sweet baby Tita

Michelle said...

Such beautiful faces!!!

Joanne Cox said...

i love your little man! <3 come to california:(


I don't know how I missed this post. I read them as soon as I get the email, but don't comment as much because I hate doing so on my phone. I love you number 3! Boys are different huh Moni? I know the girls are "active" but I think he'll give them a run for their money when he's fully mobile. I'm with Joanne come to CA, just for a visit at least:) I'll have to have another then you'll be forced to come visit.