Friday, October 7, 2011


Since we had been studying castles in school, we thought we would try our best to visit one!!  Hazel had picked a book out on castles at the library and we've been studying it and she was completely amazed with them. So after some research, we located a castle playground and another castle nearby which was the former residence of Henry Mercer.  We had a lot of fun, and we snapped a few photos of our field trip adventure!!!!
The Castle Park.

We met a lovely British gentleman with a gorgeous Lab pup, he was so nice! He was quintessentially British, and was wearing a polo shirt with the words "Got Wine???" on it! He was cute!

The Mercer Castle.

We had such a great day, exploring castles! We hope you all have a great Friday, and an excellent weekend! Lot of love!!!!!!!!

Oh, and our Hymn study for the week is Amazing Grace! Each week we read a hymn, listen to it and discuss. It has been lots of fun! So, this week we listened to this little girl singing our weekly Hymn (we also listened to Elvis sing it was ahhhmazing as well). This version was so moving...Hazel just loved it!!! So, listen and enjoy!

The Montgomerys


Kebble said...

Wow how exciting! I would have loved to see the Castles too. Tita


Very cool! That playground looks like so much fun. Maxfield's eyes are so beautiful xoxo

Joanne Cox said...

I'm certain you live in paradise:) beautiful photographs and time spent with two lovely princesses <3