Friday, July 29, 2011


Going out for breakfast is my absolute favorite. EVER. Especially the unexpected kind. When you get a call...asking you...if you want to go to breakfast! So you just thrown on something and head out for yummmmieeeness. Such was the case last week....





Anonymous said...

That looks like a cool restuarant. And the kids look cute as ever... Jade looks like she is enjoying her yummy breakfast! Luv Auntie Susie

Kebble said...

Yummy I love to eat out. Jade can I have some of your breakfast. Love you all kiss kiss love love Tita

Joanne Cox said...

Such a beautiful family <3!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a picture of you, I feel like I haven't seen your face in a while. It made my heartl warm :)
Love you