Saturday, July 23, 2011

Horseback Riding.

This summer has been going well. Among the many fun things we have done (more blogs to come), Grandma Ney Ney came over!! Not only was that a blast, but she took Hazel horseback riding!!! Not riding-a-pony-around-in-a-circle-for-a-minute type riding, but REAL HORSEBACK riding! Grandma had wanted both girls to ride, however jade was not up for it at all!! Hazel got a chance to prepare the horse for the ride by putting the bridle and saddle on. She was so excited! Since I was preoccupied with Maxfield, Grandma was so kind to take all these photos!

Jade, watching from the sideline.

So did Baby Maxfield!

After the ride, Hazel and the trainer went back to the barn to brush the horse, and remove her saddle, etc.

Jade even got a chance to help brush!
I think Jade warmed up to the horses, and just might be up for riding next time!

Hazel is already asking when she can have another lesson...she loved it!!
Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend!
Lots of Love,


Anonymous said...

Wow I am soooo proud of Hazel! Please tell how proud I am of her. Riding horses is a really brave thing to do. I was scared of horses at her age. The girls look so sweet... luv your blogs.

Auntie Susie

Joanne Cox said...

Hazel is such a big girl! I am so glad she had such a wonderful opportunity to ride a horse♥

Kebble said...

How awesome brings back time when you were her age. Love you guys kiss kiss Tita

Staisha said...

What a great experience! You are a good mommy!