Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Auntie Ro's backyard is the best. Even though it was so very hot out, the girls still managed to brave the heat and spend some time outside. Blowing bubbles and enjoying being with Auntie Ro Ro and Grandpa! I thought I'd share some beauty on this lovely Wednesday, because I just adore my lil' lovelies!

This photo is classic Jade, she is very intense!
Lots and Lots of love!


Joanne Cox said...

Jade is getting so big!
What a cutie:) give her hugs from me.

Kebble said...

I just love my girls. Great pictures kiss kiss to my babies. Tita

Molly Alyssum said...

Oh Man, that last picture of Jade made me laugh. :) She's stinking cute!!!!