Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fireside Breakfast

They love their little red table. I use it mostly for breakfast or lunch, and then we eat dinner at the main table. They also like to color and create beautiful masterpieces on their little red table. Sometimes I overhear them saying things like, "So, how was your day?" to each breakfast!

Yesterday was a very cold morning. It had snowed and freezing rain was falling as the girls woke up and wanted breakfast. I had started a fire and Hazel requested that they eat fireside. They bundled themselves up in blankies and I made them some warm vanilla milk (milk, vanilla, a little sugar) and they enjoyed a warm cozy breakfast together. It was a beautiful morning with my beautiful little ladies. I am treasuring these moments with just them!
Monica <3


Joanne Cox said...


rockstar said...

So sweet! My boys have a little table and it's always such a treat to them to use it together! I'm going to try your vanilla milk! My oldest is allergic to chocolate and that might be a great alternative for a warm drink!

The Montgomerys said...

Thanks so much!!!! I hope he likes the vanilla milk. I buy them those organic vanilla milk thingies from Starbucks and they love them and since I didn't have any cocoa I decided to try it myself. Take care!
mon <3