Monday, January 3, 2011


Akachan-red baby (Japanese)

Jade was very red when she was born. Her skin tone was so very different than that of her sisters. She continued to shock us as we got to know her. We were stunned because she really didn't cry upon being born. She whimpered, and we knew she was healthy but she came into the world in a very peaceful way. I remember seeing her face and her double chin as they laid her on my stomach. She was very sweet and needed constant attention! She slept that first night, pretty much the entire night. As we have seen her grow the last three years, we thank God so much for her presence in our family. She is a little fireball of emotion, strong in her opinions, a tad bit gruff at times, but the sweetest little cuddle bug you will ever meet.

Happy birthday akachan...We love you so very much!
Mom & Dad


Joanne Cox said...

happy birthday jade!!
you are so very loved:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jade... She really is a little cuddle bug! Luv Auntie Susie

Alyssum... said...

Happy Birthday Little Jade!!!!! Mine is on Wednesday! We are meant to be kindred spirits!