Saturday, February 27, 2010


My mom is very thoughtful. Very talented. Very sweet!  I just love her to pieces. She is always sending the girls & I little packages with the beautiful things she makes.  Hazel has fallen in love with ther little winter cap. I believe abuelita made it last year, but she noticed it the other day and it is now her go to hat each time we leave the house.  I think her most favorite thing about the cap is the flower!

Mommy, I love my hat too! I have worn it everyday since I received it!

We love you sooooooooooooo much!



Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful monica:) and your mom so talented!!!

Anonymous said...

Mija, when I tried it on to see where I should knit the ear flaps, it felt so good on my head! I knew you would get a lot of wear from it. Hazel looks beautiful. I need to make one for Jade! Hope I'll finish it before the winter is over. Oh well, she'll wear it next year like Hazel did with last year's hat. Love, you girls to pieces..God Bless You. Momma.

Nina49a said...

Your hat is so rad!...yes i just said rad(: Love the first pic of Hazel too. She is gorgeous.