Thursday, February 25, 2010


That's Thursday for all you Gringos!

Well, Jadey was a bit a quick slathering of vaporu (That's Mexican for Vicks Vaporub), some blankies and soft pillows, and yo gabba gabba is how she started her day.

Hazel wanted in on the action too!

Jadey was not too happy about that..

Then at dinner, Jadey got a huge speck in her tooth and looked like she was a little baby hillbilly!

And Hazel ate some of the banana cream pie, I just made...and loooooved it!

I was so determined to find a banana cream pie recipe where you didn't have to use instant pudding or anything. Why? Probably because I'm a wannabe amish momma (except I do not heart lard) and I like things the hard way. I was happy to have found a cool recipe that I liked and was easy.  Thank you Corynne for the amazing pie crust recipe...I finally used it. Aaaaannnd we had a lovely day!

Shout out to Autie Ro Ro...Happy Birthday beautiful lady! We love you!


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Anonymous said...

the girls are so beautiful monica and your pie looks amazing! :)