Thursday, February 11, 2010

Icicles & Biscuits

I am amazed by winter. The cold. The snow. The ice. But I am so excited that one outcome of our recent snowy woes is the icicle. I was ecstatic to see them in our neighborhood and low and behold....on our little cozy house! Yay! So I snapped a few pictures, rather quickly to avoid death by icicle and drippy drops on my camera.

As if our morning could not get any better (with the icicles and all) Joe and I joined forces to make fabulous biscuits (me) and gravy (him)!

mon :)


Alyssum... said...

Wow, I'm jealous. When I was little like your girls, we lived out in the wilderness on the outskirts of a town named Elma. We would get HUGE icicles like that and my daddy would break three off for us kids to suck on. Thinking back that probably wasn't the healthiest plan but we're all still here so oh well! :)

The Montgomerys said...

What a beautiful memory. Joe did that with the girls too. To be honest, I have two in my freezer that I just could not bear to see melt. I don't know exactly what I plan to do with them, they just make me happy :) I know I'm way weird!!!!!!!! <3