Thursday, April 2, 2009

Princess Hazel Rei

The things that fill Hazel's head and come out of her mouth would astound you. The latest and greatest has got to be, "MOM, how am I going to find a husband?" and she was serious. Joe and I tell her to pray and that God will bring her a Godly husband someday...much later...much much later when she is way older (preferably after college, travel, and when she is 30). Or, perhaps how she speaks of her & Joe getting married, in two weeks she says...she is a crack up. Hazel Rei is in love with anything princess. She has yet to actually watch a "princess" movie so I'm a bit surprised that she seems to be so knowledgeable, irregardless she is a girl and thus very much infatuated with the idea of being a princess.

Joe & I had the opportunity to bring two of her dreams to fruition during out California vacation. We were able to visit Disneyland where Hazel was able to meet a few princesses, after we waited in line for about an hour (fun, fun, fun). I will tell you one thing, Disneyland takes on a new meaning with children. I had an agenda of what I wanted to see & ride, and yeah pretty much didn't get to do nearly all of it but it was ok. Abuelita and Auntie Ginger were able to watch Hazel & Jade for a bit while Joe & I snuck in a couple of rides.
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Anonymous said...

How cute!!! Looks like they had the best time hanging out at Disneyland! Luv Auntie