Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday ALLY!!!!!!!!

She is my baby sister but she has always been stronger than me. Two instances jump out of my memory. First is, when we would need to get shots at the Dr, I would cry and run, while she just sat down and plopped out her arm. Second, when we would need to get spankings, I would run around the house screaming, while she would just bend over and get it over with. I really respect her, she is strong, smart, level-headed, responsible, talented, sweet, thoughtful, just so many qualities that I, as her big sister, aspire to have.

Ally, today as you celebrate your 29Th birthday, know that you are loved and we wish so much to be a part of your day!!!! Eat lots, and lots of cake for us!! We love you so much sweet sister. Oh MY what amazing things God has in store for you this year. How you trust HIM, and know that his plan for you is beautiful and wonderful in the proper time, is amazing to me. I WOULD GIVE YOU THE WORLD if I COULD!!!! Now you must settle for my less than perfect homemade goods ;(

You have my heart.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monica (and JOE, HAZEL, and JADE!)


Corynne Escalante said...

whoa, so...does that mean that you're in your 30's?! geez, when did THAT happen? ahaha

happy birthday, allison!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Allison!! Savor the sweet bliss of still being in your 20's. :-) God bless you! Love that pick. I swear I see Hazel sitting on your mom's lap and jade on your sister's lap, too crazzy!

Your Little Sister said...

I love you Moni. I love your homemade goods. Keep them coming. I'l have to make you something. Mmmm but what. Yep, this is the last year of my youth :) I'm working on a list of all I need to do before I'm 30...