Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue Rocks!!

Hi everyone! Its been a bit since I've added to this journalistic endeavor. Yesterday, I got off work and it was a super nice spring day, I think it was like 70 or so. We've been meaning to get to a baserball(thats what Hazel calls it) game, but Phillies games are hard to get into and a little pricey. I had heard from a few locs about this minor league team down in Wilmington, DE. So we decided to run down and check it out. We had so much fun. It only took us like a half hour to get there. The tickets were only 6 bucks and you sit super close to the field. We got hotdogs and popcorn and cotton candy. They gave us free caps when we came in and the girls got pinwheels. It was a fun time, and the Blue Rocks won! Its kinda funny cuz the Rocks are the farm team for the KC Royals. Keeping it real!!! Holla.... We wanted the girls to meet Rocky,

but they were all freaked out, it was hilarious!! Well, we love you all, maybe skype us up sometime....



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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun:)
I see your cute bag you made, love it!!