Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jade's Birthday!!!

Jade's birthday was this past January! Our lovely second baby is now 4! It's crazy to think that when we moved to Pennsylvania she was just three months old, and now she is nearly full grown!! :) She is a very sweet and loving little girl and she'll rub your cheeks all day...yet she is spunky and has her own little attitude where she'll pose for photos with her hands on her hip in a second! She is indeed a blessing to our family and we love her so!!! Her birthday began with breakfast at a diner, where she ate chocolate chip pancakes and later we had a little "Jadey Party" where she ate chocolate cake! Chocolate was indeed the theme of the day!! It was a great day, showering our little peanut with love!!! <3
The Montgomerys


Joanne Cox said...

how time flies :(
what a precious little girl jade is, beautiful. you can see from the pictures she had a happy birthday. you are such a great mother!! love you friend.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Jade! You are such a beautiful little girl. I love you xoxo Auntie Ally

Molly Alyssum said...

Oh little Jade!!! She's the best!!! What day is her birthday? Is it close to mine (5th)?

Kebble said...

Yummy all that great food. Boy do I want a piece of cake. Love you Tita