Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cabin F

So, we went CAMPING!!! 2012 had been a whirlwind and and since it was only February and we were exhausted we desperately needed some time away. Since Joe had a few days off, we decided to head up to Northern PA to camp. Now this is a place where there is NO PHONE SERVICE, NO INTERNET, AND NO TV, so basically it was HEAVEN!!! It was just US, with no outside distractions...boy we needed this!!! The last time we went up there, Maxfield was a teeny little thing, and we managed to tent camp which is how we normally roll....but this time...oh...this time...Joe rented a CABIN!!! It was perfect!!!!!!! The cutest little wood cabin with all the luxuries of home! I mean, it was even nicer than our real home! We had a great time! We made yummy meals, relaxed, and even managed to squeeze in a six mile hike! Let's just say, our kids are troopers and the last couple of miles we might want to forget but all in all it was fun!!! We saw beautiful waterfalls, and had such an amazing time!!! Sweet memories were made :)
(Maxfield is in the carrier on Joe's back)
And then the rain started, and the camera went bye bye, and the kids were over it, and the last couple of miles were not fun. But as you can see below, we made it back! The girls were dry, happy, and enjoying Popsicles!
And then we said goodbye to Cabin F!! We cannot wait to go back!!!!
You know us, we are counting down the days till we have a few days off to head out for another adventure!!
Lots, and Lots of LOVE!!!
The Montgomerys <3


Hil said...


Corynne Escalante said...

that's so awesome! sounds really great! its really cool you guys did that... i love this story, too. love you guys!

P.S. You don't even look pregnant! <3

Erin said...

You guys are amazing! A hike with three kids and a bun! Wow! I love the pictures!

SeaSon said...

visit my blog ok ^^ I miss you
cool your blog

Anonymous said...

That looks like my kind of trip! I'm dying to go camping. We've compiled quite a bit gear. Can't wait to use that dang camp stove. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics. Miss you all xoxo auntie ally