Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I continue to fail on a) uploading pictures from my camera, and b) blogging about life. I do have so much to catch up Christmas, Jade's Birthday, Maxfield's 1st birthday, etc. Rather than compose one HUGE blog and bore everyone. I thought I'd start from the present, and follow up on future blogs.

So here, is Easter. The kids had so much fun going through their baskets, and experienced not one, but two egg hunts. Most importantly, they spent a beautiful morning at church, and later with family!
(Our family of five...for now! As you can see, I am looking pregnant now, five months!!)
We hope you all had a beautiful Easter!!
Lots of Love,
The Montgomerys


Hil said...

such a beautiful family!

Joanne Cox said...

How cute!!!! I love your little belly <3
Cannot wait to see you and your beautiful family:)

Kebble said...

Wow what a beautiful family! The kids are gorgeous. Tita


Love the pics! Please keep them coming:)

Erin said...

I love the photos of the girls outside. all of the kids look like they were in a magazine. You guys look so great. Congrats on the next one!