Thursday, November 13, 2008

Working it out....

My workout mat is probably my most prized possession these days...I couldn't live without it. It cost me $5, and I love it so much!!!!!! My little Hazel loves to get involved when I carve out 40 or so (30 these days) to work out. She has her own little 1lb weights that she uses. Mind you, her attention span is tiny so she works out for about 30 seconds or so, then moves on. It is also pretty funny how when we are watching TV and she sees someone on a treadmill or running, she says, "He work out momma"... I snapped this cute shot of Hazel "working out", she even set up her own little mat by grabbing a receiving blanket. By the way, Hazel loves to work out with her shoes on the wrong feet, and without pants.

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