Saturday, September 3, 2011


Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Jackson!!!

The girls just loved having Jackson over this summer. He really is a very sweet, and kind little guy. These pictures where taken in early summer when Jackson, his mommy (my sissy), and daddy came to visit PA for a few days. It was a delightful visit complete with Starbucks time, family time, history time (thanks to Valley Forge), and we just loved it! We MISS them so much, and were sad to have missed his very first birthday due to the fact that we live on the other side of the country...bummer. So we are sending sweet Jackson tons of birthday love (be on the lookout for a bday package, if auntie gets her act together)!!! We love ya little guy!!!
The Montgomerys <3


Kebble said...

Oh you are so sweet I enjoyed this pictures. You guys were greatly miss at Jacksons Birthday party. Love ya Tita

Joanne Cox said...

Beautiful family Monica!!