Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 Months

At his recent 6 month checkup, Maxfield attacked the paper lining the table so much that the nurse had to replace it. Oh, and he tried to eat it too!!! He grabs my face so hard  sometimes, that it actually does hurt. Yes, I am learning the difference between boys and girls, yes indeed. Even though he is a tough lil' guy, he is sweet, playful, loving, and very easy going. He is a total flirt, and loves the ladies...all ladies! He sleeps and eats like a champ and is just an all around great little baby! He had a rough spot for a few weeks, when he had his two lower teeth coming in at once but has resumed his easy going nature! He loves to eat and is eating all sorts of yummy vegetables.  We are so blessed to have him! I think we'll keep him!!!!!!


Caitlin said...

What a cutie pie!

Kebble said...

Yes indeed he is a keeper! I just love him kiss kiss my Angel Tita


Happy 6 months little boy! I wish we lived closer:( I miss him!!!

Joanne Cox said...

these are precious monica!! i love the one of him and the nurse <3 flirting!!