Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Miss Thang.

A day before we had Maxfield we went to Longwood Gardens with Joe's Mom. She had been at our house all week helping me get ready for the baby and taking care of the girls for me. She has been an absolute blessing! So we decided that since Joe had the day off and we had been at home the whole time we would have a little field trip!  We definitely had so much fun! I haven't taken many pictures of the girls on account of feeling pretty bad before I had the baby. Apparently Hazel is all about the poses! I thought I must share!!

Even little Jade got into the posing!
shot 1. I told her to open her eyes.

shot 2.

And one last party of four photo. Don't I look like a person who needed to have a baby ASAP????????. All day I felt like a house...I don't know what I could of done going on like this for 2 1/2 more weeks!
and one shot of Joe + Monica



Joanne Cox said...

your family is beautiful <3!!

Molly said...

I second Joanne.

rockstar said...

What fun pics!!! You guys are such a beautiful family! And I am learning all about the sassy girliness in my house and mine's only 1! LOL