Sunday, March 6, 2011

1 Week.

We have known Maxfield for a week now, and we just continue to fall more and more in love with him. He is such a blessing.  We know that he absolutely hates diaper changes, loves to sleep nestled comfortably on Daddy's chest, doesn't mind a million kisses from two very proud and excited sisters, and loves his momma too!  He is nursing quite regularly, every three hours, and I am hoping that he sleeps longer during the pm/early am hours but I am content with the early morning bonding hours with Maxfield.  Daddy is returning to work tomorrow so you prayers are greatly appreciated because I am hoping I can manage all three children and make it through the day. I know I will...with God's help :)
Monica <3


Joanne Cox said...

he is beautiful <3

rockstar said...

What a beautiful baby! Just complete perfection! Congrats! Mine are 4,3 and 1 and I remember what a big adjustment it was to bring home #3! Hang in there, it literally gets better and easier each day!