Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mommy has issues.

Let's just say, mommy is having issues during this last month of pregnancy. The last month, that just started. The last month that promises to be challenging. The last month before our little Leprechaun (aka new baby brother!!) arrives. Since mommy has been put on "rest" we have been spending all day at home.  Luckily my girls are most happy at home, doing artwork, playing with Barbies, and watching princess movies.

They were best friends yesterday. It lasted a good portion of the the day. They dressed up in fancy outfits and as an extra special treat, they got to watch a movie on mommy & daddy's bed. 



Anonymous said...

can I have movie time too?? I'd like some R&R. :) I'll be over with my jammies

Joanne Cox said...