Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A glimpse...

There are certain times when you get a glimpse into the character of your child. Sometimes its good, sometimes you are like "yikes" and identify areas you need to work on with them. Other times you see something in them that is truly innate, something that God has so lovingly gifted them with. Such was the case yesterday, with our 4 year old, Hazel Rei.

We were on our weekly grocery store visit which is usually a family bonding experience. Perhaps it is due to Daddy's profession but we generally enjoy planning, shopping, and preparing our meals. So, we were shopping and Joe and I were discussing which ricotta cheese to purchase as the girls were parked nearby in the shopping cart. I noticed a gentleman in a wheel chair pass by, and as he did we heard Hazel Rei say "Are you feeling better?" Her question was naturally expressed and came from general concern without hesitation or reservations. Joe and I just stood there speechless, waiting for his response. The man kindly expressed, "Oh I'm fine, thanks for asking!" As I turned to look at Hazel, I saw a sense of relief come over her face as if she was really concerned for the man.

This simple little exchange touched my heart so much. Why? Maybe its the 8 1/2 month pregnancy hormones...maybe its just because this is something I really admire and love about my Hazel. Its her caring heart! She's not afraid or intimidated from encouraging people or showing that she cares. It was sweet! She is sweet. It comes from the same place in her heart when she catches a glimpse of those ASPCA commercials and wants to adopt all the neglected and abused animals and is left in tears as she gazes upon the sad puppy faces. God has gifted this child with a kind, sweet, and caring spirit and I was just in awe of how truly amazing His gifts are. I wanted to write it down, so I would never forget this simple yet profound glimpse into who Hazel is!



Alyssum... said...

You're little girls are amazing. What a beautiful glimpse!!! I hope some day to meet your girls and your little new boy to come.

James said...

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