Monday, September 6, 2010

Me time.

Sneaking off to the gym is my little treat. When Joe is home, I sometimes take advantage of carelessly taking off, without munchkins + snacks, and just having ME time. This past Saturday, Joe was home and while he and Jade were engaged in an abnormally loooong and late nap I plotted my escape to have ME time at the gym. I noticed the time was ticking by until it closed; I would need to at least get there by 7 in order to get my workout in before they closed at 8. I decided to gently stir Joe, and let him know I would be leaving. I put on a movie for Hazel, and as she noticed me putting my running shoes on, she asked if she could go with me. Knowing that childcare was not available, I quickly said no. So I swiftly headed out the door....getting in the car and as I began to pull out of the driveway I couldn't get that sweet little Hazel face out of my head. I began to drive down my street until the guilt completely overcame me and I turned around for home. I quickly ran in the house, and asked Hazel if she wanted to go with workout. She of course said, "YES!!"

So we headed to a nearby park that has a great mile long walking trail. I wouldn't have the luxury of the big screen TVs, or my machines, but I got a chance to hang out with my Hazel. We had a lot of fun. Walking, jogging, racing, stopping for a lot of water breaks, and most of all....Hazel doing her fashion poses for pictures!

Here are a few of Hazel's "model" poses.

And swinging like a monkey from a weeping willow branch.

And screaming "GOOOO Pirates!!!!!!!!!" from a big rock.

Mon :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like the most perfect workout:)

Corynne Escalante said...

that is SO sweet monica! i'm so glad you went back for her. what a touching story. What a mommy! <3

Anonymous said...

Good job haze! Work iiiit!