Friday, May 15, 2009

Niagara pt 2

It was hard to decide if Niagara was THE most spectacular & beautiful sight I have seen. Europe holds a very, very special place in my heart. Never had I seen such wonderous sights, and behold such overwhelming beauty. The French Alps jump out as slightly comparable (eventhough they are sooooo different) but I remember feeling small, and overwhelmed by beauty and God's awesome creation...well Niagara Falls falls into the same category....stunning, spectacular, and ahhhh-maaaa-zing.

Our second day started out with a wonderful breakfast buffet at our hotel....yummmy breakfast + buffet....yes that is my idea of heaven!!!!

(Hazel Rei took this pic of me, she is really into "taking pictures". I have a sleepy eye and crumbs on my face....)

We decided to take advantage of the hotel pool & jacuzzi and spent some time hanging out. We then took the behind the falls was an amazing adventure. You are able to walk through tunnels behind the falls and it was amazing. We packed up our things & kids and I was under the impression that we would be heading home but my adventurous "spur of the moment" kinda guy husband decided to "take a drive"...."ok" I thought. So we drove a bit and ended up at the most beautiful & enchanted area of the world that I have visited to date. Niagara on the Lake is where I decided I wouldn't mind being a Canadian and living there in peace, tranquility and beauty. The road leading to Niagara on the Lake was lined with beautiful homes, and small was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! While walking to the lake I saw a couple sharing a picnic lunch by the beautiful lake, I saw families spending precious time together and I thought, "now this is meant for me".....We cannot wait to go back!

(skippin' rocks with Dad)

It was beautiful...the whole trip. Now we have so few minutes together so while less than 2 days sounds insane to drive 6+ hours for what literally translates to an extended day trip...we took full advantage of every second and can chalk Niagara Falls as a precious adventure....and we subsided the travelling "itch" we Montgomerys possess.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for Hazel Rei. I did read all of them to her and she said, "Mom alot of people love me" thank you very very much.....



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Nina49a said...

Soo cute. I love all the pictures(: