Friday, March 27, 2009

California girls and a boy from Kansas

We are home in Philadelphia now. Ironically, for me, it does not feel like home. It feels like we have left our home. Left family, left friends, sunshine, in-n-out, the beach, and the list goes on and on. Our trip was eventful to say the least, but when you travel with Joe what else could you expect. The plane ride had it's ups and downs...the return home was a bit less crazy. I almost collapsed into a puddle of tears as I heard Hazel say, "Goodbye everybody, Goodbye Grandma I will miss you so much!" as we ascended into the sky leaving beautiful California behind. I caught a glimpse of the ocean, Newport, and saw my home getting smaller and smaller as we climbed higher and higher into the clouds. Pennsylvania is where God has us, this is home, but I cannot wait to be back in sunny Cali, sporting my rainbows, stuffing my face with a delicious grilled cheese from In-n-out, and seeing all the faces that we have left behind, and oh hugging my mom!

More blogs to come on our many endeavors, including Hazey's 1st trip to Disneyland, our trip to Vegas for Kacy & Brian's wedding, and much, much more.


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ally said...

As much as I say that I want to leave I probably won't.