Monday, March 9, 2009


Hazel has informed Joe & I that she needs to play "baserball". So when we were out buying TP and other household necessities at good old Walmart, we picked up a "baserball" and bat for her. There was one HUGE had to be pink of course. So in the same night, Hazel picked princess big girl panties...and a pink "baserball" bat...she is a girl after all.


Anonymous said...

Hazel is a beautiful girl.
Can't wait to visit with you:D

Mary Montgomery said...

She is going to be the best baserball player the Montgomery family has ever seen :)

Staisha said...

Sweet! Start her early. My girls just started fast pitch. It's fun watching them play. Kylie started T-ball the week after she turned four more to keep her in my sights as I coached Sadie on the same team. She just turned six and loves being a little star on her T-ball team.