Friday, August 12, 2011

Cutest camping picture ever.

Hazel Rei, Maxfield Rivers, and Jade Anise
As this summer is drawing to a close, I am recollecting over our summer activities and CAMPING has been on the top of our list as the most fun thing we did. WE had a blast!!! I will post more pics, but I came across this one photo and it made me so stinking happy that I just had to post it. This was Maxfield's first camping experience, and he did amazing!!! More pics to come but now I must go as the gym is calling (or rather screaming) my name!!!
Much love, and have a blessed Friday!!!


Kebble said...

This is a nice picture. Tita

Blogger said...

they are all getting to big!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Love this picture... The girls are so beautiful and Maxfield is a little luv bug... he is too cute for words! Luv auntie

alishamar said...

How beautiful are my grand-children! Love, Abuelita.

Joanne Cox said...

Adorable!! Maxfield looks like such a big boy <3 Looking forward to more of your camping pics!

Christian said...

Such a beautiful family!! Glad you have a fun trip!! <3