Monday, June 13, 2011

Kozue San

We made it out to NYC to visit our dear sweet friend Kozue! She was visiting from Japan and we were able to spend a lovely afternoon with her!

We walked to the future Twin Tower Memorial site...

The girls with the lovely umbrella that Kozue gave them, which they adore!!! <3

This is a spot where you can overlook where the twin towers were, and see the construction that is going on.

Jade droppin' it like its hot.

Taxi riding.

This is where we found out we couldn't eat at Spice Market...due to a 3 hour

An example of why I LOVE NYC.

She is so cute!!!

A lovely dinner in the West Village <3

We miss you Kozue!!! 


The Montgomerys 


Anonymous said...

Love this pictures!!!!!


Joanne Cox said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!!
Love you Monica:)