Tuesday, May 3, 2011

She's kind of in love...just a little

Hazel Rei began her requests for us to have a baby much like most children do, however she took it to a new level. You see, she prayed specifically for a baby brother every night before bed. She would talk about this baby brother from time to time, beginning sentences with "when I get my baby brother"...to which I would say, "How do you know you will get a baby brother Hazel?" (since Joe and I were pretty convinced we were done having children) and she would reply, "...well I PRAYED!!!!"  So when we found out that we were having a baby, she was convinced it would be a boy!!! I would talk to her about what a blessing a baby was and we would be happy with either a boy or a girl. She was still convinced that God would listen to her prayers and give her a baby brother. So when ultrasound day came and we discovered it was indeed a boy tears immediately ran down my face as I learned such a huge lesson on the power of prayer!!! God had answered Hazel's prayers!!! Hazel is a little obsessed with Maxfield and often kisses him and wakes him up, and yes she has been discovered walking around the house holding him once (insert heart attack here), however Maxfield is extremely lucky to have such an awesome big sister!!!
The Montgomerys

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Joanne Cox said...

beautiful monica<3 you are blessed.
beautiful images!