Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We discovered a place called La Michoacana about 40 minutes from our home that sells homemade ice cream of the Mexican variety. We decided on watermelon for Hazel, coconut for Jade, and Tamarindo for Joe. It reminded me of growing up hearing the jingle of the paleta man outside. He was the ice cream man in our neighborhood. My favorite is actually chili cucumber but my stomach could not handle it that day so I shared coconut with Jade. It was a nice little treat that made me feel a little bit at home even if the store called them popsicles, for all the gringos. I chatted with an employee who was from Oxnard, Ca. She even pointed to a truck outside that had a LA Dodgers license plate holder, belonging to her brother. Oh, I missed Cali so much, but the paleta and the friendly conversation helped!


Anonymous said...

i am happy that for those brief moments you were home. <3 you monica!
looking forward to seeing you soon.

Alyssum... said...

This is a lovely little post. :) Chili cucumber sounds like an interesting flavor.


this one's in your honor! It's something I look forward to here in Panama too! I ate a coconut one today. yum!


Barbs :)