Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am partial to nature. I guess you can say I am hippie of sorts. I like manicured gardens...I guess.  They are pretty, and well planned out...and nice.  But don't you think that nature is beautiful all on its own...without our help?   I do.  We found a lovely nature preserve near our home.  We had lunch, and explored!  Beauty was everywhere. My favorite color is green, and man oh man was it GREEN!  They mow the grass to allow a path for you to walk through, and let nature be...well nature!  I was in heaven...we all were!  I had to restrain myself, as to not run around barefoot, and bang on a bongo drum or something! 

Peace and Love!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Peace and Love;) these pictures look like postcards- amazingly green- beautiful!
such beautiful memories you are making as a family!
<3 it!