Thursday, November 5, 2009

the kimbel dr. loop

We live on Kimbel Dr. We have a new habit of walking the .8 mile "kimbel dr. loop". I don't know if others refer to it as that, but I do. Our ideal time to walk is in the morning when the day is crisp, hopeful, and new. We had a beautiful walk, admiring the tall trees naked of leaves, embracing the cool air, listening to the sounds of the wind & was fabulous. We pointed out the interesting mailboxes we saw, a little mini log cabin, a school bus, and one that had three little robins on it. It was lovely. Oh, fleeting Autumn!


Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful fall colors. The girls seem very happy. Great pictures..please don't stop taking them. Mom.

Auntie Ally said...

love the pics, thanks for posting them. sure beats CA autumn. xoxo I miss you all.