Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our annual trip to the beach...

Sad but true, we visited the beach once last year! Correction, we visited the "shore" once last year. You see rather than the 4 mile drive to the beautiful southern California pristine beach known as Salt Creek Beach in beautiful Dana Point CA, if we wish to see a large body of water and dip ourselves into it, we must drive over an hour. Since we had less than 12 hours with the hubs, aka Dad, aka Joe, aka the maniac working guy, we decided to drive up to the shore. Like any other good Philadelphian would do to escape the humid summer heat.

We rented a surrey (which is like a bike, with four wheels, an umbrella over your head, and in our case it had four seats)...we drove up and down the boardwalk, the girls made sand castles, we ate ice cream on the beach, Joe slept, and we all had a really relaxing day. Ok so here comes Debbie Downer ok....the smell is interesting at the shore and the sand seems to be made of cement because it sticks violently to your skin as if it is permanently adhered...and like crazy sticky...I think humidity has something to do with it. Irregardless I loved it, it was wonderful to lay on the sand (even if it is evil sand) gazing at the water as if watching all your cares drift away. So in summation, I think, Pacific or Atlantic, humidity or no humidity, I'd take a beach day...any day! I think it was just what we needed...a nice relaxing day at the beach (errrr...shore...I will never get used to that).

This trip was actually taken in June, forgive me I am very behind in my blogging. You see there is only ONE set of hands on deck here at home lately so I have been busy with my two children, mounds and mounds and mounds of laundry, dishes and dishes and dishes (hello paper plates...sorry Earth) and just trying to stay sane. I will be attempting to blog about some little things we Montgomerys have done so keep checking our blog. Your prayers are appreciated.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

hi monica!!
i am amazed at how big the girls are getting!
they are adorable. looks like you guys made the most of your beach trip. i am sorry you don't have a beach close by, especially after living so close to one:(
you should try to go more often.
i love you dear friend and look forward to seeing you soon:) yippie!

Corynne Escalante said...

looks like fun, moni. i don't venture to the beach much here either. pretty cold and wild... and about 34-45 minutes away. but whenever we do, it is fun. maybe i should do that this week. :)

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Baby jaders is getting cuter everyday!